Special Scripture Distributions


Produced in 1865, the Arabic Van Dyck Bible translation is one of the oldest Bibles in common use today, by far the most read and most trusted translation in the Arabic speaking world. However, the vocabulary is difficult, much of it obsolete or archaic. Due to the conservative context, the Egyptian Church is generally opposed to new translations.

Because of these difficulties, the Bible Society of Egypt is working to provide a complete and thorough Study Bible with all necessary background and linguistic information to make the ancient text more understandable.  In 2006, after 7 years of work, the first ever Arabic Van Dyke Study Bible (New Testament) was printed, and 10,000 copies sold out within 2 weeks!  In 2019, all the Old Testament notes, supplements, and revisions, along with additional information for the NT notes were completed.  A new and beneficial layout will greatly aid in the use of this mass of information and we look forward to the printing and distribution of this valuable tome in 2020.

And we need your help, providing subsidy to make this treasure of information affordable to thousands of pastors, students, church leaders and Bible readers.