Daily Bible Readings

Online Daily Bible Reading program

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Our brand new Daily Bible Reading program will take you through the Bible in one year, with one passage from the New Testament and two other passages from the Old Testament each day.  A short, inspiring devotion focusing on one of the three daily passages is also provided.

Focused and simple, this app provides clear quality of both text and sound, with many features to enhance your devotional experience.   The font of the Arabic text is very clear and can be greatly enlarged, with options for various layouts and color of the text.  You can also choose to keep or hide the paragraph headings, verse numbers, and vowel marks.

You can also listen to the passages, choosing between normal or dramatized reading, which takes around 18 minutes every day, with the additional feature of speeding up or slowing down the readings.  This audio function is a very attractive and practical help for those who may have difficulty in reading Arabic, but enjoy listening. It is also helpful for those who want to improve their Arabic.

In addition to this, a daily social media message highlights other free resources online, such as a YouTube video for children, Sound Cloud Bible Story, a recorded video message, or an encouraging verse to remember through the day, etc.  A daily teaching clip from our General Overview of the Bible series is also featured.   All of these features and passages are easily shareable.

The feedback of this initiative is huge with over 2 million pages viewed and 6 million chapters requested in text or audio format. One user told us, “I am really happy with the app. It made me committed in reading the Bible and to finish it by the end of the year. I am 44 years old and I have never finished the Bible before, so I am really happy that I will be able to do that this time.”

Another said, “For the first time I am committed to reading the Bible daily, this method is suitable for me and it encouraged me to use both senses (sight and hearing). This helped me to benefit and concentrate more. I also encouraged my friends to do the same and some of them joined us.”

Hundreds of users have sent similar messages to say how grateful they are for this resource.  “Thank you, a lot, for your efforts. I started from day one, and I am really enjoying it. I read the Bible in the morning and I send the readings to some people and they are reading it too, then we share what we read together. Some verses stay in my mind for the whole day and I try to live what I read.”

 “This was the best gift in 2020. This became really important for me and this is how I start my day in the morning.”