Nile Delta Ministry, in partnership with the Bible Society of Egypt, is adopting the Nile Delta area, serving the marginalized and under-privileged Christian community with highly subsidized appropriate Scriptures, Bible study materials and Bible engagement programs.

While 35% of Egypt’s population lives in the Delta, there are only 3 Bible Society bookshops (ministry centers) in this region. There are no other public Christian book outlets in the whole of Delta. Distribution work in the Delta is much more demanding and fragmented than elsewhere in the nation, as the population of Christians here is much smaller than anywhere else (only about 3%).

Bible Society Ministry Centers in the three major city centers of Tanta, Mansoura and Zaqazik provide a public, legitimate, welcoming presence on the street, making suitable Scriptures easily available. The vast, majority of people in Egypt still read physical books and make their purchases in person, with cash.

The Ministry Centers also serve as hubs of service for the whole Delta region, supporting churches and other ministries in the rural areas and isolated villages, providing access to people with disabilities, the illiterate, visually impaired people. Prisons, orphanages, monasteries, and poor areas can be identified and their Scripture needs served well.

Through the annual free School Distribution project, Christian students in tiny villages in rural areas are sought out and given a beautiful illustrated Bible. Children’s Festivals and Bible Competitions serve thousands of children and their families, with biblical values presented in a fun, kid-friendly way.  Each year, the Christmas distribution targets the poorest of the poor, providing children with a colorful backpack full of valuable Scripture books, games and puzzles that these families would never be able to afford otherwise


Junior High School Project

Each year, the Bibles4Egypt Canada aims to provide thousands of Christian Egyptian Junior High students with their first personal Bible. These kids are at an age (12-13 years old) where they can benefit from having their own complete Bible to use throughout the next years.  Many of us older believers have that first special Bible that we received about that time, and used through High School and even the University years.  In line with this objective, students receive a Hard Cover version, which will ensure a lasting resource, as opposed to the cheaper soft-cover edition.

Extra helps are included to encourage and facilitate engagement and effect a deepened faith.  Along with the additional appendixes already in this Bible, there is an introduction and a reading plan with the Bible.  Furthermore, a Mobile App has been developed with the express purpose of motivating these students to use their Bibles, to check off the reading of the day and answer questions on the passage.  It will be further developed to include options for focused reading plans on one specific book or topic, etc.

Because of the 2020 pandemic, the economy in Egypt has slowed to a near halt for months on end. Churches and individuals are overwhelmed with providing for the basic needs of their congregations and people in financial crisis. In a time when the Church of Egypt needs our support more than ever, the Bible Society is determined to provide free Scripture distributions through Bibles4Egypt Canada’s free distribution Bibles plan. This signature project for Bibles4Egypt Canada is an ongoing project and it is critical to continue providing in 2021.