Make Bibles Affordable

Make Bibles Affordable

For just $35 a month, you can help provide 10 people with the life-changing truth of the Bible. According to the World Bank, the average Egyptian lives on less than $7 per day. That means many Egyptians simply cannot afford their own Bible. In fact, most Bibles in Egypt are generally sold at less than half of the real cost!

In order to cover this gap, we’re looking for donors who will join with us to make the Scriptures available and affordable.

A gift of only $35 each month will help cover the difference for approximately 10 Bibles.

From Alexandria to Aswan, through our network of bookshops and other retail outlets, the Bible Society of Egypt offers a wide variety of Bible formats for all ages, including Children’s Bibles, Study Bibles and Pocket Bibles.

We also offer specialty products, such as Large Print Editions and Audio Scriptures. We even offer the Scriptures in Braille and sign language!

Why Sell Bibles?

Free distribution to the general public is forbidden by law. But the Bible Society of Egypt has the freedom to sell Bibles…even at a subsidized price!

You can have an impact in Egypt with a monthly gift of just $35. Would you join with us? For more information on partnering with us to bring God’s Word to the nation, write to To make a donation, please click on the link below.